Chiropractic is a branch of alternative and complementary medicine that focuses on the assessment and management of disorders of the nerves- especially the spine region- and the effects of these conditions on overall health.

Chiropractic adjustments help relieve pain and restore normal function to the body’s structure. The simplicity and success of this approach has been documented in over 200 scientific studies and has helped many patients avoid the use of drugs and surgery.

In addition to spine and extremity adjustments, chiropractic management modules may include soft tissue therapy, electrotherapy, therapeutic exercises, nutritional counselling and education on lifestyle modifications. Thus, chiropractors collaborate with other healthcare professionals when needed.

Effective, safe, drug-free and non-invasive, chiropractic care is suitable for people of all ages.

Established in 2010 to provide quality Chiropractic care to the public, the IMU Healthcare Chiropractic Centre is led by a team of internationally trained and highly-skilled licensed practitioners. Our specialist chiropractors employ best practices and abide by clinical guidelines.


Consultation is done on a one-to-one basis and patients receive a systematic and personalised care programme which addresses their healthcare needs.

Quality and professionalism is the hallmark of IMU Healthcare Chiropractic Centre; patients can be assured that their ailments will be well managed from the point of entry to the completion of individualised chiropractic management modules.




This is not a complete list of all the conditions we recognise and treat. The information is designed for educational reference only and should not be seen as medical advice.
Please consult one of our qualified healthcare professionals for an accurate diagnosis before starting on any treatment.