Your musculoskeletal system is made up of bones, muscles, joints and ligaments. From wear and tear of ageing to accidents, poor posture or high-impact sports, injuries to the musculoskeletal system is complex.

IMU Healthcare all-rounded group of professionals assist patients manage their pain, regain movement and return to an active lifestyle.

Orthopaedic Services:
– Clinical Focus

  • Arthritis
  • Fractures
  • Joint preservation surgery (young adults)
  • Ligament injuries
  • Return to sports rehabilitation
  • Soft tissue injury
  • Sports injuries

– Procedure Focus

    • General fractures
    • Hip:
      • Arthroscopy
      • Joint replacement surgery (including complex & revision)
    • Joint injections
    • Knee:
      • ACL surgery
      • Arthroscopy
      • Cartilage reconstruction
      • Joint replacement surgery (including complex & revision)
      • Ligament injury
      • Meniscal repair/reconstruction
      • Re-alignment surgery
    • Return to function rehabilitation


    • ACJ surgery
    • Arthroscopy
    • Joint replacement surgery
    • Joint injections
    • Rotator Cuff Repair
    • Shoulder stabilisation

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This is not a complete list of all the conditions we recognise and treat. The information is designed for educational reference only and should not be seen as medical advice.
Please consult one of our qualified healthcare professionals for an accurate diagnosis before starting on any treatment.